Monday, September 14, 2009

This and that from Mr. Lifestyles

Ladies and gentlemen, I apologize for not writing on here more frequently. I have been so busy! I never got to tell you folks about our last night in Pensacola Beach, Florida. You know how people don't swim in the ocean at night? That's probably a good thing. Herr Benjamin and I were fishing for the big ones while wading out waist deep. It's dark and feel something brushing against my leg. Earlier in the evening we saw a HUGE shark swimming out, but as you can tell we are a couple of boys with no common sense. After catching a few crabs Benji decides to go get this ultra bright light. Lo and behold we were swimming in shark infested water. If you are guessing this is the part of the script where we get out... The answer is no. For some reason, we decide to continue fishing for the big ones. I had it in my mind to catch a shark. I was told this was foolish. You only live twice. As fate would have it, we got our wish! I learned something. Sharks do not like to be caught.

On the way back we decided to go to the Hank Williams Museum. I recorded an interview with Beth Petty the manager of the museum. We called it Hats Off to Hank. Some of you got to hear it. All in all it was a good trip.

It's kind of hard to write this blog because of how excited I am. In my last "journal-type" entry I foreshadowed that Benny Spellman lived in Pensacola. Upon returning to Georgia I got a call that Mr. Spellman had received my letter and would like to do an interview the next time I am in Pensacola. (Which by the way will be soon!) I will be stopping in to interview him on my way to New Orleans!

It's been a wild few days. Many of you know my all time favorite musician is Fats Domino. I was considerably surprised to pick up my phone with "Antoine Domino" on the caller ID. The next morning I was wakened up with "Harry Connick" on my caller ID. Then I hear back from Mungo Jerry, Santo & Johnny and Pat Metheny. All of these things are looking good. We are about to hit our sixth year of broadcasting. Stay tuned because there is plenty more coming! We will make it to a seventh year, Lord willing!

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